Do e-mail us if you are interested in buying multiple Charity Snackbox for your events as we have a discount on the delivery fees.

For every Charity Snackbox that you had purchased, $2 will be donated to your allocated Charity Organisation.

The default charity organisation is chosen randomly by Charity Snack Box so customers can choose to donate to a random charity organisation easier.

You can select it during your purchase.

10-14 selected random type of snacks will be in the box

Charity SnackBox will be prepared everyday. Approximately 1-3 days of working days will be delivered after that.

Of course, we cannot guarantee you that you will love everything in every box, however, we can guarantee that we put in a lot of time trying new snacks and will only include the snacks we would want to buy for ourselves (or at least try once for the experience). We will never deliver a box we would not want to give to a loved one.

You allocated charity organisation. Charity organisations that are listed as NCSS (National Council of Social Services) Members.

Unfortunately, no. It is a one-shot donation. But if you insists on changing, you could e-mail us through our Contact. We will help and make some arrangement to it.

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